The wishes of a future patronnnage 

for the deontology of the moral person

of SANTA DIVOTA cultural Order is



The Order of the THISTLE  

for the national service of an individual relation to communities 

through a neoplatonic culture of orality peoples and civilization.






The Dedication of Santa Divota cultural Order to the Coronation of the Virgin sedes sapientae

for a natural ambassy of mediterranean experience of civilization with  communities 

is devoted to The Commander in Chief and Generalissime Pascal de Paoli 

for the donation  of his european motion of the Corsican reign to the British Crown (1794)

with cenotaph at Westminster Abbey 

under the wish of their executors

Reverent Andrew Burnaby Archdeacon of Leicester professor of theology and ambassador of Great Britain at Livourne

The Commander of the Royal Navy The Hon Charles Pierrepont Newark Earl Manvers

and Colonel Felice Antone Leonetti de Galbraith the heir and his nephew 

for the intervention of corsican troops under its commandement

next to the Royal Navy of Sir Georges Elliott Baron Heatfield 

at Gilbraltar and Port Mahon battles.


La persona morale del Ordine culturale di Santa Divota 

e la cultura neoplatonica del oralita dei popoli e della civiltà 

è collegata al etica del pensiero scritto 

come al capostipite di una communita culturale uscita della dinastia dei Bonifacii 810

da Adalberto Marchese di Toscana Duca di Lucca e Comte di Luni e Corsica 

fondatore del Monastero di San Caprasio di Lerins in Aulla - 850

dalla via di comunicazione iscritta con il Monatero San Caprasio di Santa Cruz de la Seras (Aragona)

e Sepolto al Duomo San Martino di Lucca.




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An obedience of the moral person of Saint Devote cultural order  , for the neoplatonic culture of orality peoples and civilization , is asked next to the Chapter of San Lorenzo for a deontological reference of the experience of the west mediterranean exchange , and to HM the Queen Elisabeth II for its usage theory.